Deni is an Intuitive guide and Shadow Worker - feeling comfortable with the hidden realms she can facilitate and hold space for you to drop into parts of yourself that may be yet undiscovered. Deni's magic is in creating and holding big sacred space for circles... setting the energy for trust and sharing and vulnerability. She is the co-founder of Soulpaint and Unearthing and co-creator of Liminality. She marries the mind with the body and is able to translate the intangible into everyday concepts.

She is trained in intuitive art, art therapy, energy healing, meditation, chakra clearing, shamanic journeying, wild women practises, and has been facilitating workshops, circles and retreats for the past 3 years.



Dan is an artist, writer and photographer. She has created two children's books, Sleepy Magic and Alfie the Angelfish. Danielle intuitively creates "I See You" paintings, which are as much a reading of soul paths as they are beautiful art pieces. She works with women to uncover their inner beauty and inner goddess by dropping them in deeply past the mind to the pure essence and from here photographs their pure naked expression of self.

Danielle has trained in Sacred Art with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of "Women Who Run with Wolves". She is a gifted Intuitive, Empath and Channeller of creative spirit and co-creator of Soulpaint and Unearthing.